Flatrock Distilling Company – Moonshine, Whiskey & Bourbon

Located at 621 North Perry Street in Historic Downtown Napoleon Ohio we offer bottle sales as well as samples, gifts and tours. Our hours of Operations are Friday & Saturday 5-9pm. Private tasting sessions are available contact us for more information.

120 gallon still OUR STILLS – 120 gallon Thunder Roads Copper pot still and a 120 gallon electric fired stripping column style still with a custom built reflux cap and condenser. The still is cooled with glycol to prevent water waste in the distillery. The still is designed to allow flavors and aromas to travel from the mash to the distillate. Which makes for a full flavored and bodied spirit.

Specializing in backwoods style moonshines made with local grains and fruits. Our 120 gallon pot still is one of a kind in the midwest designed by our Master Distiller Lawrence Pritchard III grandson of Ohio moonshiner and bootlegger Lawrence Pritchard Sr. Lawrence Pritchard III is a cast member of the hit Discovery Channel show Moonshiners Master Distiller. A spin off of the wildly popular Discovery Channels show Moonshiners.

Moonshiners Master Distiller – Mezcal Pechuga

Our Products – Hand made from local ingredients is our way of making moonshine. Like the shiners that came before us we honor their craftmanship and tradition with pot distilled small batch moonshines.

The Tasting Room – Our tasting room is designed to immerse visitors in the backwoods moonshining experience with plenty of seating for large groups. We offer tasting samples, merch and bottle sales.

Whey Jennings Gypsy Shine
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