Our Mission – Farm to Bottle Philosophy

At Flatrock Distilling Company we know that you expect really excellent liquor. The problem is, with so many whiskey brands to choose from, it is really hard to know the difference. We understand the importance of a good quality product, which is why we are passionate about ALL stages of the liquor making process. Our Philosophy is Farm to Bottle distilling and our mission is to create an educational atmosphere at our distillery.

We start with our dedication to the mash. We make sure that we use only the finest quality ingredients from right here in Ohio. We cut no corners with our open top, fermentation that offers a completely flavorful liquor. We finish the process off with pot distillation. This process takes a little longer but there is no substitute for a better tasting, more flavorful product.

So, with every bottle of Flatrock Distilling Company product you buy, just know that a lot of hard work went into it. So you can stop wondering if you have purchased a quality liquor and instead sit back, relax and enjoy a pour or two!

Utilizing local suppliers such as Schoolhouse 1862 Farms we strive to source the highest quality ingredients and uplift local small businesses and farmers.